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5 Effective Employee Training Techniques

Employee training is important to arm the workforce with the skills and knowledge that will be instrumental for top-notch organizational performance. The rest of this article lists some of the most effective training techniques that a company can execute.

  1. E-Learning

This is training accomplished through an online platform. It uses different mediums to facilitate learning, which includes videos and reading materials. For compliance training, it can also include sharing articles from compliance blogs to enhance knowledge. The best thing about e-learning is accessibility since training modules are available to revisit in and outside of the office space.

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  1. Instructor-Led Classroom Training

As the name implies, this is a training method that is hosted in a classroom setting and led by an instructor. One of the most important elements is the presence of a reputable and knowledgeable resource person. For the longest time, this has been the standard choice for employee training. Recently, different technologies have been utilized to make the process more innovative, such as the use of virtual reality in training. To improve this method, interactive approaches can also be integrated, such as role-playing and small group discussions. This approach will work best in a setting where it is easy to gather all the participants in one classroom or venue.

  1. Hands-On Training

Also called experiential training, hands-on training allows the participants to quickly get into whatever they are being taught. It encourages active participation, which is what makes it so effective. It is a quick process that imparts knowledge to those present. One of the most popular forms of hands-on training is an apprenticeship. It helps in shaping inexperienced individuals. It can also be done through coaching.

  1. Video Training

This training approach is effective in defying geographical boundaries. It is common for large companies with members all around the world. Rather than footing the bill for plane tickets to bring all the participants together, they can be trained anywhere and anytime through videos. This is possible through live video conferencing or pre-recorded video materials that can facilitate training. Different video materials, including animation, can also be used to educate employees.

  1. Social Learning

This isn’t as popular as the training approaches mentioned above but equally promising in terms of the outcomes. It is all about learning with and from others. It operates under the theory that acquiring new behaviors is possible by observing and imitating others. To successfully implement social learning in training, the starting point is the assessment of the learner’s readiness. It also entails the need for collaboration, observation, and interaction.

If you are looking for the most effective approaches to training your employees, take note of the methods mentioned above. Whether you have a small or large business, these methods are instrumental in improving knowledge and skills of your workforce.

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